Terms of Service

Effective as of January 25, 2020


The Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) describe how we at DESIGNMATE PTE LTD regulate your use of the website -https://www.designmate.com (the “Website”).

The Website also may have other subdomains and they shall constitute integral parts of the Website. For example, we have subdomains for our:
help center: https://help.designmate.co;
platform: https://app.designmate.co etc.

Please read the following information carefully to understand our policy regarding your use of the functionality and services available on the Website.

We may change the Terms at any time. We will inform you in advance of the changes to the Terms using the available means of communication (for example, in-built notification, email, or chat).

1. Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is available on a separate page. The Privacy Policy explains to you how we process information which may identify you. You shall understand that through your use of the Website you acknowledge the processing of this information shall be undertaken in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

2. Your account

You may create an account by filling out specific forms using your password and other necessary information.

When using the Website, you shall be responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of your account, password, and other credentials and for secure access to your device. You shall not assign your account to anyone. We are not responsible for unauthorized access to your account that results from misappropriation or theft of your account. We may, at our discretion, and on reasonable grounds, refuse or cancel service, terminate your account, and remove or edit content.

Generally, we do not knowingly collect personal data from persons under the age of 13 (thirteen). If you are under 13 (thirteen) years old, you may not use the Website and may not enter into the Terms . Some countries may have other age threshold and if that age threshold applies to our Website, we will consider the applicable age threshold.